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Lead in the Moment, LLC 


Lead in the Moment, LLC believes that leadership is not defined by title or position within an organization.  Everyone has the ability to possess the skills needed to embrace the leadership moment.  Lead in the Moment, LLC provides instruction, consulting and coaching assistance to uncover and nurture the leader in everyone.  Our focus on leadership through service to others translates into success within the corporate and academic communities.  

Lead in the Moment, LLC provides you with the tools to increase performance and transform your leadership approach through a variety of targeted services including:

Corporate and Non-profit Organizations

·        Conducting virtual assessments of an organization to determine key opportunity areas for transformation

·         Consulting engagements for training and “real world” application of leadership principles and practices

·         Creating a framework for sustainable change along with benchmarks to monitor progress


·        Assisting in curriculum design for leadership training at all educational levels

·         Speaking engagements as a guest lecturer for college courses and special interest groups

·         Providing adjunct faculty support


·         Creating a self-directed training and transformation program

·         Coaching sessions for increased learning and adoption of principles

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